Have you prepared your kids for all the potential hazards of having a smartphone?

Smartphones are awesome, but they open up an entire world (of really ugly stuff) to your kids. What can you do to prepare them for what they will encounter?

Parenting the smartphone generation can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. 

Whether you're preparing your child for their first smartphone or you want to "reel in" your teenager whose smartphone habits are getting out of control, you need a plan.

As you and your kids work through Smartphones 101 together, it will tee up the critical conversations you need to have about "the basics of smart phone use." 

The Smartphones 101 Digital Course Features:

  • Ten Short But Powerful Video Lessons

    Watch them on your computer or smartphone. The lessons are brief, so they cover the important info before your kids have time to get bored.

  • Discussion Guides and Other Resources

    Each video includes an interactive "guide" for everyone to take notes. The additional resources will make you the smartest parent you know.

  • Meaningful Conversations

    Imagine a calm, meaningful talk about technology with your kids. We introduce some valuable truths and give you tools to get your kids talking.

"I know what it feels like to parent in a world that's coming at you quick."

"My wife and I have launched 4 kids into adulthood. During their teen years, phones sort of caught us off guard. So I’ve spent years researching and preparing to help families to get it right. As a speaker, author, counselor, and former family minister, I've worked with thousands of families like yours. I know the struggles you face. In today's world, our kids can't survive without their phones, but the potential dangers are still huge. I can help you help your kids to be smart on their phones." Barrett Johnson, Smartphones 101 Guide

As a parent, you're probably concerned about:

Smartphones have become an invaluable part of our lives. Unfortunately, they have the potential to negatively impact our kids.

  • The impact of smartphones on their brain development. (This is a big deal for children and young teens.)

  • The increase in anxiety and depression, mainly due to social media use. (Our kids are in the most suicidal generation ever.)

  • Online predators and who might be trying to connect with your kids when you're not looking. (Pedophiles are experts at social media.)

  • How much time they spend on their phones. (And how you can help them to enhance their relationships, not mess them up.).

  • The explicit content and porn that kids regularly stumble onto via their phones. (The average age of first-time exposure to hard-core porn is 11-years-old.)

  • How you can adjust the settings and then provide guidance and oversight to your kids as they learn to use their phones.

Meet Barrett Johnson, Your Smartphones 101 Teacher

Like you, I know the challenges of managing technology at home. My wife Jenifer and I had four kids who became teenagers in the early days of the smartphone. I saw the value that phones added to their lives, but I also saw first-hand some of the harm that they can do. Smartphones 101 was created to help families like ours to equip their kids to get this right. Oh, and my day job is to coach families through our non-profit, Imperfect & Normal Families Only (I.N.F.O. for Families).

Imagine having meaningful conversations with your kids about the good, bad, and ugly of smartphones.

Using Smartphones 101 is easy. Parents and kids should go through the entire course as a pre-requisite for them getting a phone. (Or as a requirement to continue using the phone they have.) Spend a few weeks going through the 10 lessons. Simply watch a video together and then use the provided discussion guide to talk about it. The course isn’t a replacement of you; it’s a resource to help you talk about all those things that concern you. The good news is that you don’t have to be the bad guy...Barrett in the videos is! And he could care less if your kids don't like him. ;-)

Course curriculum

You could spend months searching the internet for all the resources and tools you need to prepare your kid to use a smartphone with wisdom. Or you could find it all here.

  • 01


    • Read Me First! (Parents, you'll want to start here before doing anything else.)

    • Video Introduction (Watch this as a family.)

    • All About You (a 4-question survey)

  • 02

    Video 1: Smartphones and Responsibility

    • Video 1 - Smartphones and Responsibility

    • Guide to Video 1

  • 03

    Video 2: Smartphones and Your Brain

    • Video 2 - Smartphones and Your Brain

    • Guide to Video 2

  • 04

    Video 3: Texting Like a Pro

    • Video 3 - Texting Like a Pro

    • Guide to Video 3

  • 05

    Video 4: Social Media

    • Video 4 - Social Media

    • Guide to Video 4

    • Social Media Guide

  • 06

    Video 5: Depression and Anxiety

    • Video 5: Depression and Anxiety

    • Guide to Video 5

    • Is Your Teen's Smartphone Making Her Depressed?

  • 07

    Video 6: Safeguarding Your Life (and Reputation)

    • Video 6 - Safeguarding Your Life (and Reputation)

    • Guide to Video 6

  • 08

    Video 7: Explicit Content

    • Video 7: Explicit Content

    • Guide to Video 7

  • 09

    Video 8: Smartphones VS Real Relationships

    • Video 8 - Smartphones VS Real Relationships

    • Guide to Video 8

  • 10

    Video 9: Setting Up Your Phone

    • Video 9 - Setting Up Your Phone

    • Guide to Video 9

  • 11

    Video 10: The Smartphone Contract

    • Video 10 - The Smartphone Contract

    • Guide to Video 10

    • Parent's Guide to the Smartphone Contract

    • Family Smartphone Contract (To Copy and Paste into Word)

    • Family Smartphone Contract (PDF Version)

  • 12

    Additional Resources

    • When Should You Give Your Child a Smartphone?

    • Faith-Based Appendix for Christian Families

    • 8 Sneaky Things Teenagers Do On Their Smartphones

    • More BOOKS and RESOURCES for Imperfect & Normal Families Like Yours (and Mine)

What Others Are Saying:

“Exhausted from hearing our daughter ask for a phone for the past two years, we are about to give in. While we weren't completely sure if she was ready or not, the Smartphones 101 course covered EVERYTHING we felt like she needed to know. We learned a lot, too. Most importantly, we loved the provided discussion guides.”


Mother of a 12-Year-Old

“My two oldest kids have had their smartphones for 2 and 4 years. Now we are about to our 13-year-old one. This course was invaluable to our family as we ALL sat down together to view it. We loved seeing our older kids giving advice to their little brother about how to not get caught up in all the online drama that smartphones create.”


Father of Three Teenagers

“Many of my children's friends already have their own smartphones but I don't think my kids are ready yet. (They just want to use mine 20 times a day.) Smartphones 101 has given my husband and me an awareness of some of the issues related to smartphones & kids and given us some peace on how long we need to wait until we give our kids one.”


Mom of 2 Elementary School Kids

Using Smartphones 101 is Easy!

  • 1. Buy the course today for $39.

    Given what's at stake for your kids, it's totally worth it.

  • 2. Gather your kids and watch the introduction.

    After a quick 7 minutes of viewing, you'll be ready to go.

  • 3. Start having meaningful talks about smartphones.

    You'll be surprised about how easy it is to get your kids talking.

you can make sure they get started off right.

For about the price of one month's service plan for your son or daughter's phone

When you sign up for Smartphones 101, you'll get:

  • A "Start Here" Manual for Parents and an Introduction Video for Families

  • 10 Complete Video Lessons (most are 6 to 8 minutes long)

  • 10 Printable Guides for Notes and Family Discussions

  • Customizable Family Smartphone Contract 

  • "When Should You Give Your Child a Smartphone?" Guide

  • BONUS Resources including an up-to-date Social Media Guide, Is your Teen's Smartphone Making Her Depressed, 8 Sneaky Things that Teenagers Do on Their Smartphones, and More.

  • Lifetime Subscription to Future Smartphones 101 Resources. (As technology changes and social media shifts, we will keep you informed.)

There is no way to put a price on the value of knowing that you've prepared your kids to use their phones with wisdom. Another online smartphone course we have found costs more than $250. Ouch!

Right now, you can get the entire Smartphones 101 package, including 11 videos (each with discussion guides) and almost 40 printable pages of valuable content for only $39. 

Given that you'll likely pay about that every month for your child to have a phone on your family plan, it's an absolute bargain.

Get everything in the entire  Smartphones 101 bundle for $39.00.

Take 30 days to explore the course. If Smartphones 101 doesn't meet your needs, we will gladly issue you a refund

you can make sure they get started off right.

For about the price of one month's service plan for your son or daughter's phone


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